Phirst Post Passed


I've been thinking about a Second Life blog for some time now, though my tendency towards procrastination has been getting in the way and seeding doubts. I'm a lazy one, there's no doubt. Thirty six years as a slacker with no spouse, house, kids or car. Thirty six years and essentially none of the trappings of a proper adult life, has more proven me a layabout of the most slothful stripe. You see this kind of Olympian level indolence tends to seep through you eventually. It begins to poison you. You start not doing things, not because you can't be bothered, but because you might not be bothered later. The only thing worse than a blog that no one reads would be be a blog that no one writes.

Some time ago I decided to Witness to some unbelievers. It was a message board I frequent, one dedicated to gaming. There is a lot of misunderstanding of Second Life amongst the forum's population. Despite being gamers; roleplayers, tabletoppers, video gamers, most of them held the same prejudices you see amongst any other random group...

"Second Life? It's all griefer and furry bondage sex innit?"

So in a rare fit of activity, I decided to do something. I started a photo journal, showcasing some of the sites across the grid. Interesting builds to stir the imaginations and maybe, just maybe, get some folks thinking differently. The journal lasted three posts, though the idea of it has hung around longer...

And so I've decided to try again, well kind of. This time I'm not trying to sell anything, this time it's about what I think and how I feel, about Second Life and about the wider internet. That's why if I'm talking to anyone but myself, I'm talking to other Second Lifers.

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